When you reach out to us to learn more about the admissions for our substance abuse treatment center, you can expect us to walk you through exactly what you’ll need to know when you or a loved one is admitted. We understand that it’s a difficult situation and that asking for help takes a lot of courage. When you come to New Life Detox, don’t expect it to be a simple process to become sober; however, expect it to be a fluid process to be admitted to our drug treatment program. Our admissions process is efficient and simple because we know how difficult this is for you.

An admirable step in getting life back on track is recognizing a need for help. New Life Detox understands asking for assistance isn’t easy or comfortable. However, requesting and accepting guidance is a commendable, wonderful, essential step along the road to an enjoyable life filled with real, enduring satisfaction and happiness. Shame, fear, embarrassment, guilt and a multitude of other self-paralyzing emotions often hold people back from launching on the clear-cut path to recovery. Even some of New Life Detox’s drug and alcohol counselors themselves have previously conquered drug and alcohol abuse. So with open arms and without judgement, New Life Detox welcomes free phone counseling with complete anonymity guaranteed so people can learn more and decide if the unique, three-phase New Life Detox program in California fits the needs of an individual. No judgement, no pressure, no worries.

Connect with New Life Detox right NOW at +1 714 676 5400 for a confidential chat to address any questions and learn more about New Life Detox and the admissions process. During easy, relaxed and tranquil conversations, callers will experience:

  • Professional, REAL, caring New Life Detox counselors — not some random call center operator.
  • Trusted dialog with a New Life Detox drug and alcohol counselor in a honest exchange about alcohol or drug dependence to better advise on treatment options.
  • A chemical dependency advisor seeking input to assist in rapid New Life Detox coaching.
  • Advisors identifying insurance options or affordable payment options to serve immediate needs, and help locating the nearest New Life Detox affiliate facility in California.
  • Options for a New Life Detox entry date — with “same day” admission possible to help anyone.

Begin your journey to sobriety TODAY at New Life Detox or one of its affiliate facilities located throughout California. Your call is 100% confidential, and you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enrolling in New Life Detox is a life-changing and life-saving decision. When you leave upon completion of our program, you will start a new life, full of vitality and always have the support of our staff on your journey.


New Life Detox accepts most PPO insurance plans. For uninsured individuals, New Life Detox can offer affordable, private pay options. To learn more, please feel free to call us anytime 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at +1 714 676 5400 for a confidential conversation with a professional drug and alcohol counselor.