1. It’s amazing I feel full of vitality everyday!

    It’s amazing I feel full of vitality everyday! I used to be waking up completely dulled in apathy thinking this is life now. Now I wake up with such a zest that nothing can stop me!…Read More

    Jeff Thomas
  2. unlike any other treatment center

    Help is possible! If it wasn’t for this place I’d either be dead or in jail I’m so happy I went with them. They actually handled my mind unlike any other treatment center.…Read More

    Madison Carter
  3. Finally got me out of it!

    It was evil what drugs are doing to you on a constant day to day. You are so numb and non receptive of your environment it’s actually very depressing, but it has the illusion that it feels good. This treatment center taught me a lot about confronting life and the causes of drugs that it finally got me out of it!…Read More

    Drew Faizer
  4. I can enjoy life again

    I was on a negative path for the last 3 years. Everything in life was going to shambles. I finally searched for a program that could work. And I finally feel content with myself, my head feels clear, and I can enjoy life again.…Read More

    Andrew Jenkins
  5. Wow never in my life have I been free

    Wow never in my life have I been free from the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. I’ve been to numerous treatment centers, but no where actually focused on the underlying causes of why I wanted drugs. I can’t thank this treatment center enough.…Read More

    Tim Longo